We are a Czech company developing sophisticated broadcast management software.

Thousands of TV employees around the world have been using PROVYS for 25 years.

PROVYS software comprises:

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Why you should consider working with us

1. We have a top product

in our field, we are one of the TOP 5 companies in the world.

2. Attractive projects

with an experienced team, you will work on exciting projects for television companies around the world. These companies are leaders in the use of modern technology.

3. Training and development

we offer many internal and external training programmes, language courses and support for obtaining professional qualifications.

4. Pleasant working environment

individual teams have their own comfortable offices where they can work without any distractions. Work equipment can be adapted to one’s preferences. Would you like to cycle to work? No problem, we have a special room for bikes and a shower. Having a fully equipped kitchen is a given. It offers space, not only for corporate breakfasts, but also for informal meetings.

5. Informal company culture

the company was founded 25 years ago by an enthusiastic group of people. Nowadays, we have more than 90 employees and still manage to maintain the thrill. No office politics or unnecessary bureaucracy. We like to gather, share ideas, invent solutions. We respect each other and mutually meet each other’s’ needs.

That is why many of us have kept PROVYS as their first and only employer.